Frequently Asked Questions

I limit my practice to federal law. Routinely, I represent clients in federal proceedings, such as white collar investigations and proceedings before the federal government.
The majority of our clients are corporations, officers, directors, health care entrepreneurs, hospitals, medical service organizations, physicians, and commercial business owners.
From the first day of my practice, I have focused on issues in federal and international law.
An efficient time management allows me to be fully familiar and involved in all the cases that I am jurisdictionally permitted to participate in.
I pursue a determined, but respectful and diplomatic approach to opposing counsel.
The list is long, very long. For example, my very first case involved a $ 4b liability claim that we worked on in a team of more than a hundred attorneys. In my second case, my old firm and I navigated a U.S. conglomerate through, at the time, the largest industrial bankruptcy in U.S. history. Other cases involve the representation of sovereign governments in international disputes.
Shortly after I opened my own firm, clients were served a stack of very concerning and intimidating federal subpoenas. In a battle against one of the biggest national law firms, I, along aside my partner, was able to essentially quash fourteen federal subpoenas and, thereby, I also set a new federal precedent with respect to federal subpoena powers of attorneys.
I assisted the Office of the Prosecutor of the UN-War Crime Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in the prosecution of the former President of Serbia, the former Prime Minister of Serbia, the highest ranked General of the former Yugoslavian Army, and the Chief of the former Yugoslavian Secret Service.
Yes, we have handled numerous high-profile cases.
In each case, victory is defined by the client’s objective. Some clients want to succeed as plaintiffs in litigation, while other clients may just want to avoid going to prison. Whatever drives the representation— defending, mediating, settling, litigating— we are dedicated to deliver and accomplish.
I enjoy both. The context decides which one is the better fit in a certain case.
I believe every lawyer should be guided by determination and diplomacy.
A wide-spread misconception about attorney fees is to look at the hourly rate. I take pride in saying that I accomplish things in one hour that will take most lawyers five or six hours. That said, consider attorney fees an investment into a project that is important to you.
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